How Praxis EMR Works

How Praxis Works

Praxis is dramatically different. It thinks like you do. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside Praxis gets faster and smarter as you use it. Praxis is not just an EHR; it's a medical tool.

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Why Templates Don't Work

Praxis is template-free. Templates waste your time, money, and force you to practice lower quality medicine.

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Quality Reporting with Datum+™

Datum+ automates PQRS, MACRA, MIPS, APMs, and all Quality Payment Programs. It's the only viable solution to today's reporting dilemma; how to report clinical data without turning providers into data-entry clerks.

Why Choose Us

Praxis lets you generate documentation instantly, using your individual style rather than restrictive templates. The more you use Praxis the faster it gets and the more efficient you become.

Download White Paper: "The Praxis Charting Manifesto"

Doctor: Are you still charting as we did in the 20th Century? If you get the sense that you are wasting your life charting, then this paper is for you.

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