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Praxis EMR is proud to be a solution based on Microsoft technology. By being based on technology from Microsoft, the majority of physicians will find Praxis software familiar and easy to get to grips with, as they already use Microsoft solutions on a day to day basis.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Industry Affiliations & Associations - Oracle

Praxis EMR runs on an ORACLE database, by the world's largest enterprise software company. As a result, the Praxis application has the dependability, security and querying tools required in today's clinical offices. With Praxis and Oracle, your all important clinical data is in the best possible hands.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Advocare Medical Software AdvoCare Medical Software

AdvoCare Medical Software is a leading provider of software, services and technologies for health care provider organizations. Built from a strong foundation established in 1976, AdvoCare Medical continues its commitment to helping its clients compete in a rapidly changing health care environment with our suite of software applications.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Clinix Medical Information Services Clinix Medical Information Services

Clinix Medical Information Services is a Nashville, Tenn.-based medical software development company that processes more than $2 billion in healthcare provider charges each year. Its automated and customizable practice management software simplifies administrative work flow and boosts cash flow for physician practices and revenue cycle management companies across the country. Offering a winning combination of cutting-edge technology and industry-leading U.S.-based customer service, Clinix has earned its reputation as reliable, revenue-boosting practice management solution backed by knowledgeable people who understand your business.
Learn more: or 866.254.6496, ext. 102.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Medical Systems Integration (CTI) CTI

CTI Medical System Integration, LLC. is a Strategic Partner for Infor-Med in both the US Federal Government Market and commercial healthcare market. In the US Federal market, CTI is the exclusive marketing representative for Praxis EMR. In the commercial healthcare market, CTI and Infor-Med collaborate on the following:

1. Large, complex Praxis EMR implementations
2. On-Site Praxis EMR Training
3. Praxis EMR Training Seminars
4. Recruiting and developing value added resellers (VARs) to sell and promote Praxis EMR
5. Praxis EMR VAR Training

Please see CTI’s website at for Praxis EMR complementary medical office automation applications.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Drug Information Technologies, Inc (DIT) Drug Information Technologies, Inc.

Praxis EMR utlizes a drug contraindication database from DIT Drug Information Technologies, Inc., a worldwide leader in drug databases, decision support and clinical checking software. Their databases and software help physicians identify and manage drug-drug interactions, allergies, duplicate therapies, side effects, contraindications and drug-disease interactions. Clinical excellence and relevancy distinguish their software and lend a competitive advantage. They have obtained this distinction through the use of their systems by thousands of clinicians with millions of patients for over 20 years.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Metrologic Metrologic

For more than 30 years, Metrologic Instruments has been recognized as a global expert in the development of innovative and reliable data capture and collection solutions.
As a leading vertically-integrated manufacturer of advanced bar code scanners, Metrologic is the company more businesses turn to for bar-code decoding hardware, high-speed image processing software and superior customer service.
Utilizing a broad array of laser, holographic, vision-based, RFID and emerging technologies, Metrologic’s sophisticated imaging and scanning solutions serve a variety of retail point-of-sale, industrial, healthcare, inventory and distribution applications.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Motion Computing Motion Computing

Motion Computing -- a tablet PC market leader -- combines world-class innovation and industry experience, enabling people to use computers in new ways and places. Marketed directly through its Web site and an experienced international reseller network, each Motion product is built to customer specifications. The company's award-winning M1200, M1300 and M1400 Tablet PCs and accessories are designed for healthcare, field sales and services, education and government users who need a combination of true mobility, power and versatility.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Patient Records Backup Patient Records Backup

Carroll-Net Will Protect Your Business from Disaster. Each customer receives a Free Backup Server. Every day, you'll receive the Trademark "Three Way Backup" - Backup Onsite, Backup Offsite and Backup to Archive. And Carroll-Net's pay as you go pricing means you only pay for use. Simple, Reliable & Affordable.
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Praxis Industry Partners - Star Micronics Star Micronics

Star Micronics, one of the world's largest printer manufacturers, amassed with 50 years of manufacturing and technology expertise, has developed the ultimate thermal prescription printer which integrates with Praxis EMR Software. Star's TSP800 thermal printer enables doctors to print secure prescriptions versus handwritten prescriptions from a pad, avoiding legibility errors. Utilizing specialized and secured prescription paper, prescriptions are printed using the latest in EMR software technology from Praxis, resulting in a secured legible script in seconds. Printing capabilities also include label and bar code printing.
Certified Praxis Technical Specialist
Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Certified Praxis Technical Specialist - The Ventura Group The Ventura Group, Inc.

Michael J. Sierra
Chief Executive Officer and President

Ed M. Pasquier
Director, IT & Telecommunications

Corporate Headquarters
The Ventura Group, Inc.
44675 Cape Court, Unit 150, Ashburn, Virginia 20147-6229
Telephone: (703) 208-3303 / Fax: (703) 208-3305


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Better Medicine

"Praxis means better care for the patients, in a cost- and time- efficient manner; it means better medicine for everyone, patient and doctor alike."

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"Praxis actually learns how you practice medicine, based on how you chart. That's what makes it different."

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"Praxis paid for itself in less than a year, and has now paid for itself over and over again!.... It makes my patient visits faster and helps reduce my liability."

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"With Praxis, I even have the freedom to create my own report model for Gastroenterology, using my own words, how I think, and how I practice medicine."