Praxis EMR is rated #1 among physicians who've switched EHRs.

In EHR switch surveys, Praxis EMR outranked all other EHRs, with the largest percentage of practicing physicians who strongly agreed; "I am happy with our new EHR system." Praxis EMR had 100% positive responses and had among the largest gains of new users.
If you're shopping for a new EHR system, see what your colleagues have to say about Praxis.

See why Praxis is Rated #1

Quality Reporting with Datum+™

Datum+ automates PQRS, MACRA, MIPS, APMs, and all Quality Payment Programs. It's the only viable solution to today's reporting dilemma; how to report clinical data without turning providers into data-entry clerks.

Switching to Praxis is Easy
Import your Patient Demographics

Import your Patient Demographics

Praxis imports patient demographics from any EHR. Or, Praxis connects to virtually all billing & practice management systems and migrates your demographics automatically.

Most likely we've already helped clients switch from your current EHR.

Transfer your Patient Charts

Transfer your Patient Charts

Praxis imports clinical records with C-CDA technology as well as your full patient charts, and safely transfers your patient data, images, and documents.

Praxis is fully interoperable and C-CDA, HL7 and HIPAA compliant. Your patients charts are safe and secure.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Praxis comes with Scanaway©, a complete scanning and imaging center designed to take your office paperless; everything is archived inside Praxis.

Easily scan your paper records and charts. Praxis makes your office paperless.

Client Success Stories

Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Medicine

The new Medicare coding requirements are so complicated you will spend half as much time figuring out the correct code as you spend with the patient - PRAXIS will be miles ahead of any other program in dealing with this.

Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Medicine, Dearborn, MI
Praxis EMR - Jose Victor Castellanos, MD, PLLC, Internal Medicine

I'm a big fan of the features of Praxis EMR. The template-free design, fast documentation, reporting tools, chart dictation, and scanning capabilities all within one program make it easy to work with.

Jose Victor Castellanos, MD, PLLC, Internal Medicine
Praxis EMR - Clayton Reynolds, M.D.

PRAXIS is an electronic engine that not only creates a chart, it takes us physicians to a position of control in the world of medical records ...

Clayton Reynolds, M.D., Lakeside Medical Associates, Lancaster, CA
Praxis EMR - John Davis, MD, Family Medicine

I must tell you Praxis v5 is awesome in real time. The power and scope of functionality renews my excitement and enthusiasm in my practice of medicine.

John Davis, M.D., Family Medicine, Birmingham, AL
Praxis EMR - Daniel Griffin, M.D., Internal Medicine

PRAXIS dramatically improves my quality of care...the satisfaction of my patients, and the satisfaction of my colleagues to whom I refer my patients.

Daniel Griffin, M.D., Internal Medicine, Fort Collins, CO
Praxis EMR - Curtis E. Harris, M.S., M.D., J.D., Practicing Endocrinologist

... In addition, PRAXIS has another very valuable feature that you may not have considered: that is, enhanced legal protection for the busy practitioner.

Curtis E. Harris, M.S., M.D., J.D., Practicing Endocrinologist, Oklahoma City, OK

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