Benefits of Template-Free Charting

Why Praxis?

Praxis EMR is template-free. Templates are rigid and slow charting down. Instead, Praxis uses an innovative artificial intelligence technology called Concept Processing. The Concept Processor acts as a second medical brain mirroring the mind of the physician, recalling elements from past cases that are similar to the case being seen. This lets you generate documentation instantly in your own words, using your individual style rather than restrictive template fields. The more you use Praxis EMR, the faster and more powerful it becomes.

Why use Praxis? The benefits are endless:


Practice Speed

Praxis is Fast

Most Praxis EMR users chart notes in less than 45 seconds. It's that fast. Praxis is the fastest way to chart medicine today because with Praxis you literally chart as fast as you think. Even 'smart' templates force you into preset molds that slow down your thinking. With Praxis, you interact with your own medical concepts. It is much easier to read and quickly grasp what you wrote rather than what someone else wrote. As Praxis learns from you it becomes progressively faster until you chart at the speed of your mind.

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Practice Simplicity

Praxis is Easy to Use

With only a few mouse-clicks you complete entire complex chart notes. Praxis is that easy because it's your medicine, your own way. You get exactly the information you need, when you need it, in your own words. The Praxis template-free design allows personalized medical charting with mission critical accuracy. Praxis presents all the medical information required, exactly how it is wanted, where it is needed, and without any errors.

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Practice Medical Quality

Praxis is Medical Quality

Perhaps the #1 reason that our clients love Praxis is that they say it helps them practice higher quality medicine. You wish to practice at your very best under any situation. With Praxis EMR, you are constantly refining your approach to medicine. Ask a patient a question once and Praxis will remind you to ask that question every time a similar case is seen. This helps ensure that you deliver the highest quality of medicine to all patients, at all times. Praxis EMR ensures that you maintain your own personal level of excellence at all times, no matter how many patients you are seeing, or how many hours you’ve been working. Like no other system, Praxis EMR constantly improves the quality of medicine you provide to your patients, and helps make you a better doctor.

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Practice Malpractice Protection

Praxis is Legally Sound

Quality documentation is the best defense in a legal proceeding. Praxis patient notes reflect the provider’s medical thinking and preserves the personal style brought to the assessment, thus preventing the prosecution from alleging that a doctor practices cookie-cutter medicine. Moreover, Praxis consistently lowers common human errors that lead to malpractice. No template does this. Additionally, Praxis helps defend you legally because your notes are protected by physician-patient confidentiality because they are not the creation of a template software, but rather are based on the examination of actual patients. Templates, in contrast, may be introduced as evidence by a prosecution in a court of law. Imagine how pleased a plaintiff's attorney would be to find that your entire practice could be reduced to a series of simple statements. Suddenly, your art of medicine is diminished, and you appear to be a mere technician forcing all your patients into a single mold.

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Practice peace of mind

Praxis Lowers Personal Stress

Praxis EMR works with your mind, helping you every step of the way. With Praxis, you have more time to spend with patients and need not spend time after-hours finalizing charts. You won't wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly realizing you forgot to tell a patient something important. Medical practitioners breathe easier with Praxis EMR.

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Practice Higher Revenues

Praxis is Financially Smart

Practicing the highest quality medicine in the country has significant financial advantages as well. Most Praxis EMR customers see increases in revenues of 10% - 15%, with some Praxis EMR clients reporting bonuses of $120,000 to $150,000, solely related to using Praxis EMR on a daily basis. This is because the increase in medical quality from using Praxis directly improves productivity and the practice's bottom line.

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The Praxis EMR Experience

Practice Medicine Your Own Way

Perhaps the greatest benefits of practicing medicine template-free are all of the intangibles. For example, never being forced to fit patients into structured molds that simply don't work. Or, never feeling more like a technician than a physician. Most importantly, when charting template-free, you practice medicine your own way, in your own words. Every provider deserves this.

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